• Date awarded: February 2020
  • Awarded value: £15,000
  • Fund: QHM General Fund
  • Location: Queen Margaret Hospital, Wards 5 & 6
Sitting Room Piano With Staff

This project aimed to unite the rehab wards of Queen Margaret Hospital in a multipurpose area which encompasses all aspects of patient care and rehabilitation throughout the duration of their stay.

The re-design of the sitting room has seen this area grow from an uninviting storage room to a space that is used on a daily basis at all hours. With the change in patient need and complexities, this spacious but under utilised area, now provides patients, staff and carers the opportunities to build rapport, ease anxieties and promote quality of life.

The space is accessible by the whole multi-disciplinary team, from an Occupational Therapy perspective and supports a multifunctional relaxed, familiar and secure space which disguises the clinical environment. Interactive areas allow cognitive and physical rehab individually or as part of a group.