• Date awarded: August 2020
  • Awarded value: £205,000
  • Fund: General Fund
  • Location: Queen Margaret Hospital
Simulation Centre 9

Simulation is an essential component of medical, nursing and Allied Health Professional’s training programmes. The vision of our Medical Education team is to develop a state of the art Multi-Professional Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre(s) which brings to life the clinical principles learned in a classroom in a safe, controlled environment with no risk to patients. 

The centre will allow skills, attitudes and behaviour to be taught in a modern, innovative way to both students and existing NHS Fife staff of all grades and roles.

The centre will be tailored for use by all NHS Fife staff including primary care, ambulance personnel and acute care staff. A range of scenarios and training packages are being developed to cater for their diverse needs. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic the centre will provide a vital role in teaching a range of infection control scenarios, including the use of PPE, thus equipping our staff to stay safe whilst delivering effective patient care. COVID-19 has thrown up challenges we never envisaged occurring and through multi-disciplinary practice, the simulation centre will prove invaluable in measuring staff and patient safety for the future.

The multi-professional training and high-fidelity simulation centre will be developed on the Queen Margaret site with a satellite unit at the Victoria Hospital to provide shorter sessions that can fit around staff and students’ clinical commitments.

High-fidelity patient mannequins are now extremely realistic with the ability to talk, cry, breathe, blink and simulate accurately a large range of medical conditions. Realistic scenarios will be developed for different groups of staff, including multi-professional groups, to train for specific skills. Scenarios will be recorded in order to allow specific feedback for staff. Additionally, a range of training models (such as lumbar puncture, catheterisation, venepuncture) will be available for teaching specific skills. The specialist run centre(s) will cover practice areas ranging from GP practices, community, psychiatric and critical care to general and labour wards.

This centre will provide NHS Fife with a centre of excellence to rival any other training facility in the country.