• Date awarded: April 2022
  • Awarded value: £8,120
  • Fund: VHK Admission Unit 1 Staff Fund
  • Location: Admission Unit 1, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy
The new staff sitting room at the Victoria Hospital Admissions Unit, which was funded by Fife Health Charity.

Fife Health Charity funded newly designed staff kitchen, dining and sitting areas within the busy and often challenging Admission Unit 1 at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, for staff to use during breaks from their duties.

A key touchstone of Fife Health Charity’s remit is our aim to improve the physical and mental health of people in Fife. We make a real difference not only to the wellbeing of patients but also to NHS Fife’s staff who are dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of others.

Admissions Unit 1 at Victoria Hospital, which is the largest hospital within NHS Fife, is often at the front line of providing patients with high quality care. The previous staff facilities within the unit met the basic needs of staff but were limited in terms of space and facilities, while alternative facilities within the main hospital are located too far away to access quickly during time-limited breaks.

The Difference Our Funding is Making

The new kitchen, dining and sitting areas created as a result of Fife Health Charity funding are providing somewhere for busy staff to eat, relax, have refreshments and take time out from clinical areas during their breaks.

The fully fitted kitchen includes a fridge, toaster and microwave to safely store, prepare and heat up snacks and meals, plus table and chairs to sit down comfortably and a wall mounted TV for viewing. The separate sitting room, located conveniently nearby, includes modular sofa style seating, a revitalising massage chair and a large, wall mounted flat screen TV.

Since opening in 2022, the new facilities have become popular and are used regularly throughout the day and night, providing bright, modern areas where staff can relax and recharge during breaks in their shifts in a calm and comfortable environment.