• Date awarded: January 2022
  • Awarded value: £480,000
  • Fund: Anonymous Donation & NHS Charities Together
  • Location: Ultimately across all 10 NHS Fife hospitals
A group photograph of NHS Fife Staff and Fife Health Charity Trustees celebrating the opening of the new Staff Wellbeing Hub at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.

Six new Staff Wellbeing Hubs funded by Fife Health Charity have been opened at hospitals across Fife during 2022 and to date in 2023, with a total of 10 being rolled out across all NHS Fife hospitals as part of the one of the largest projects supported by the charity.

Healthcare staff at six Fife hospitals can now enjoy newly created facilities following the official opening of new staff wellbeing hubs in June and December 2022 and February 2023.

The bright, contemporary spaces at the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline, Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital in Buckhaven, Glenrothes Hospital, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews Community Hospital and the Adamson Hospital, Cupar, were designed and developed in consultation with staff to provide calming environments for staff for respite and to recharge away from busy hospital wards and departments.

The new hubs, which offer 24-hour swipe or keycard access and include modern kitchen facilities and comfortable seating and eating areas, are part of an overall project which will develop and provide similar space across all 10 NHS Fife hospitals, collectively supported with over £480,000 in funding from Fife Health Charity.

During the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, a network of temporary staff hubs was established in hospitals across NHS Fife, which aimed to provide somewhere for staff to relax, have refreshments and take breaks away from their clinical areas.

Building on the benefits gained from creating the temporary hubs, the new permanent wellbeing hubs are currently being developed and opened at hospitals across Fife, with the wellbeing hub created at Queen Margaret Hospital the first to be opened.

The funding for the ambitious project includes a significant donation from an anonymous benefactor to support NHS Fife staff and grant funding from NHS Charities Together, which was brought to national prominence by the incredible fundraising efforts of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

A painting of Captain Sir Tom Moore adorns the wall of the new Staff Wellbeing Hub at Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline. Gifted to Fife Health Charity by local artist Jon Brown, the work depicts Captain Sir Tom Moore across various stages of his life. Following the unveiling of the incredible portrait in its new home, Fife Health Charity Trustee, Sinead Braiden, said:

“On behalf of Fife Health Charity, I would like to express our gratitude to Jon for the gift of this outstanding piece of artwork. It is truly unique and takes pride of place within our wellbeing hub, where it will be enjoyed for many years to come.”

The Difference Our Funding is Making

Commentating on the opening of the new staff wellbeing hubs, Fife Health Charity Chair, Tricia Marwick, said:

“These new facilities reflect Fife Health Charity’s ongoing commitment to improving the wellbeing of not only NHS Fife patients but members of staff who play a crucial role in looking after the wellbeing of others by providing high quality care.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the charity made a commitment to help staff as best we could. The opening of the latest permanent staff hubs acknowledge the dedication shown by healthcare staff during those challenging times and which continues to be shown today.”