• Date awarded: May 2022
  • Awarded value: £2,500
  • Fund: Staff General Fund
  • Location: Ward 41, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy
The seaside themed entrance to the sitting room for patients and visitors at Ward 41, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.

The development and creation of a bright, seaside themed environment for patients and carers to relax in and enjoy during visits to the Victoria Hospital's specialist Medicine of the Elderly ward was funded by Fife Health Charity. 

Many of the patients attending Ward 41 at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy have dementia related conditions or experience memory loss, confusion and cognitive impairments. Recognising the positive benefits of creating an environment that triggers happy memories and furthers the sense of wellbeing that the ward aims to create, staff embarked on a project to enhance the ward.

Central to the project was creating a homely and comfortable environment that would support the welfare of patients and their carers, and also incorporate art that promotes health and wellbeing. Following a poll amongst patients, it was decided that the theme of the project would reflect the enduring love of being at the seaside.

A bright, welcoming new ward day room was created, with a range of complementary design features including a bespoke mural, seaside striped armchairs, foot stools and soft furnishings, wall-mounted display cases containing vintage memorabilia and seaside themed postcard racks. Enhancements in the ward corridor included a large seaside mural and a sitting area.

The Difference Our Funding is Making

Medicine of the Elderly is a developing speciality which focuses on the care of older people who have complex and often challenging conditions, such as acute delirium. Each member of Ward 41’s multi-disciplinary team strives to deliver the highest level of care possible tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

The new environmental enhancements funded by Fife Health Charity are helping to put patients at ease and often take them back to times spent with family, loved ones and friends on holiday at the seaside or daytrips. Patients experiencing memory loss or difficulty in recalling can spend time with staff or visitors in the day room, listening to music and enjoying the seaside memorabilia, all of which can help them to reconnect with happy events from their past and share positive memories. 

“Lovely room to relax in. Brainy idea. Thank you.”

“What a lovely, relaxing room. Very fresh – lots to look at and the good mix of music is AMAZING. It brought back so memories for me and let me relax. A great place to escape to when things get too much.”

“Lovely day room, relaxing and peaceful. Beautiful theme and done so well. Thanks to all the staff.”

Patient & visitor comments written in the day room journal.