All donations received are held in trust within the Endowment Fund and are used to fund a range of items and activities that benefit the patients, carers and staff of NHS Fife.

The purpose of the Board’s Endowment Fund is the advancement of health through:

  • improvement in the physical and mental health of the local population
  • the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness
  • the provision of services and facilities in connection to the above
  • Research into any matters relating to the causation, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness

The Endowment Fund is in addition to the money used by NHS Fife to provide day-to-day, core health services. It should not be confused with the running costs of NHS Fife.

Anyone can support the fund. You can support the NHS Fife Endowment Fund in the following ways:

  • By direct donation
  • By leaving us a legacy or bequest in your will. If you do this note that you can specify exactly how you wish your donation to be used. Popular choices are
  • for research purposes
  • to purchase equipment for a hospital
  • to benefit a particular ward or department or hospital

How our funds are allocated

Endowment Funds in the NHS were established in 1949 and in the last five years, the Fife Health Board Endowment Fund has spent over £4 million on its charitable objective, namely, the advancement of healthcare in the Fife area.

Some recent examples of how our endowment fund has made a difference to Fife patients and staff include are highlighted here.