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Una Hill
Una Hill
C. Bowring
01 December 2008
20 June 2012
01 December 2015

If you have accidentally sent a confidential document to the wrong ‘Safe Haven’/ other destination:

Your responsibility is to:

  • Inform your manager
  • Complete an Incident Report Form

Manager’s responsibility is to:

  • If number known, contact the recipient and ask/arrange for the information to be returned.
  • If number unknown, print out the Report Sheet (action as above).
  • Check, complete and action the Incident Report Form
  • Inform the Data Protection/Caldicott Co-ordinator
  • Identify if there is a need for staff training requirements. Remember to consider other contributory factors.

If a confidential document has been received by your fax machine in error:

Your responsibility is to:

  • • Inform your manager that you have received an incorrectly addressed fax containing confidential information.
  • • Tell your manager:
    • Who sent it
    • The date sent
    • Who the intended recipient was
  • • Ensure that it is given to the named recipient or returned to its source

The Manager’s responsibility is:

  • Record the sender, date sent and the intended recipient (there is no need for the content to be disclosed or recorded).
  • Contact the sender and inform them of the receipt of the document.
  • If possible, pass document(s) to intended recipient
  • Otherwise, if possible, return document(s) to originator
  • Pass all details to the Data Protection/Caldicott Co-ordinator

An Equality & Diversity Rapid Impact Assessment has been completed for this procedure. No negative impacts have been identified.