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15 May 2013
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15 May 2014


This procedure details the framework within which NHS Fife supports the use of social media and to ensure it is used effectively across the organisation.

1.1 Definitions

Social media – Social media is a term applied to online tools which allow users to interact with other users on the internet.  This can include the sharing of information, opinions and content.  The tools can include message boards, blogs, social networking sites (such as Facebook or Twitter), content sharing sites (such as Flickr, YouTube) as well as other similar online channels.


2.1 This procedure is applicable to all staff, contractors and volunteers working within NHS Fife


3.1 It is the responsibility of all staff to comply with this procedure and all related policies.

3.2 Communications Department

The Communications Department manages the organisations corporate presence on social networks, including posting of messages, monitoring and moderation of corporate accounts.

3.3 eHealth Department

eHealth control access to social media sites in line with the organisations policies and objectives.

3.3 Line Managers

It is the responsibility of Line managers to ensure that all staff adhere to the contents of this procedure.

Responsibility for taking any appropriate disciplinary action following a breach of this procedure lies with the relevant Line Manager having taken advice from the Human Resources Directorate, in line with NHS Fife’s Management of Employee Conduct Policy.


Access to Social Media

4.1 Access to Social Media channels is dependent on a clear operational requirement.

4.2 Requests for access must be made by the appropriate Head of Service and must be agreed by the Communications and eHealth Departments.

4.3 Intranet/Website editors are able to post messages on Facebook and Twitter by publishing a news item via the existing intranet content management system.

Monitoring and Moderation NHS Fife’s Social Media Channels

4.4 The Communications Department routinely monitors the organisation’s corporate presence on social media channels.  This may include searching for posts containing keywords such as “NHS Fife”, following individual accounts or monitoring comments posted on NHS Fife’s social media channels.

4.5 Where appropriate, the Communications Department may reply to users posts, signposting them to other areas such as local service information or patient relations.

4.6 If a post or comment causes concern, the Communications Department will bring it to the attention of the appropriate member of SMT.

4.7 The Communications Department reserves the right to remove posts or comments from NHS Fife’s Social Media Channels which

  • Contain personal information (including that of third parties)
  • Are considered offensive or objectionable
  • Break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court
  • Advertise products or services for profit or gain
  • Are seen to impersonate someone else
  • Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others
  • Are considered to be "spam", that is posts containing the same, or similar, content posted multiple times

Staff Misuse of Social Media

4.8 Misuse of Social Media will be investigated by the line manager in line with NHS Fife’s Management of Employee Conduct Policy.


5.1 This procedure must be reviewed annually under the authority of the Communications Manager.  All associated procedures and processes linked to this procedure will be subject to an ongoing development and review programme.


GP/O2 - Online Communications Policy
HR3 – Management of Employee Conduct

GP/O2-1 Online Enquiries Procedure