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Invented by Dr Graham Tydeman, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, in conjunction with the St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and Limbs & Things, the lifelike simulator allows trainees to perform hands on cervical cerclage in advance of a real-life emergency. 

Cervical cerclage involves an emergency stitching around the cervix and is necessary when the cervix shortens or opens too early during pregnancy, helping to prevent late miscarriage or extreme premature labour. As the procedure is uncommon, the simulator was needed to give students and medical trainees an opportunity to practice the complex procedure prior to encountering the situation in a pressured real-life environment where the success of the surgery would be critical.

The simulator has already been warmly received by hospitals and training institutions across the world – with orders from countries including New Zealand and India. Every unit sold will benefit the Research and Development Department in Fife as 10% of the profits will flow back to them.