Don't let lung cancer make itself at home

Did you know that lung cancer is the most common cancer in Scotland, with around 5,000 people diagnosed each year.  

NHS Fife is encouraging people who have tested negative for COVID-19 but have a persistent new or different cough for three weeks or more, to contact their GP practice.

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer people aged 40 and over should get checked include:

  • A persistent new or different cough you've had for 3 weeks or more, after testing negative for COVID-19
  • Feeling breathless or more breathless than usual for no reason
  • A chest infection that doesn't clear up
  • Coughing up blood
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Chest or shoulder pains
  • Unexplained tiredness or lack of energy
  • A (new) hoarse voice

If you are 40 or over, don’t put off contacting you GP practice if you have any possible cancer symptoms.

Much more can be done to treat this disease if it’s found at an early stage – and recently published cancer survival statistics show improvements in five-year survival rates for both men and women (2.3 per cent and 5.1 percent respectively).

Remember that you won’t be wasting anyone’s time, so don’t put off contacting your GP practice.  They want to hear from you.

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