Pride Badge - 1

NHS Fife is asking its staff demonstrate a commitment to the issues that LGBT+ people can face when accessing healthcare by taking NHSScotland’s Pride Pledge and wearing its new Pride Badge.

The NHS Scotland Pride Badge promotes inclusion for LGBT+ people and makes a statement that there’s no place for discrimination in the NHS in Scotland. The Badge was designed in recognition of the multi‑factorial and intersectional issues of discrimination and exclusion, and incorporates the Progress Flag colours.

NHS staff members who wear the badge have pledged to:

  • be aware of and responsive to issues faced by LGBT+ people accessing care
  • be a friendly, listening ally who staff and service users can safely approach
  • use inclusive language and respect identity

Staff who take the pledge will be provided with access to resources and information that outlines the challenges that LGBT+ people can face, and how to offer support and understanding.

After signing the pledge staff will be eligible to wear the new NHSScotland Pride Badge, to signify that they aware of the issues that LGBT+ people can face and aim help to make a positive difference by promoting a message of inclusion.

Committing to the Pride Badge emphasises promoting an environment that is open, tolerant, and inclusive. The aim of this initiative is to actively break down barriers which LGBT+ people may face within the NHS and promote a national organisation that is inclusive for all.

NHS Fife Director of Workforce, Linda Douglas, said:

"NHS Fife is an organisation which promotes equality, both for those in our care and those we employ, and we are committed to ensuring that equality is at the forefront of any interactions with our patients or colleagues.

“We want to do all that we can to challenge discrimination and ensure our support for LGBT+ people is much more visible, that way we make it easier to speak to colleagues and access support when it’s needed most.

"I am proud to sign the pledge and I am encouraging staff across NHS Fife to do likewise."



Staff from the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy display the new NHS Scotland Pride Badges


Notes to Editors:

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