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This year's annual ‘What matters to you?’ day takes place today, Wednesday 9 June this year.

This initiative encourages professionals to move their conversation focus from ‘What’s the matter with you?’ to ‘What matters to you?’ in order to more effectively support the development of high quality compassionate support, care or treatment focused around what people really need and want. Dianne Williamson, talks here about how What matters to you helped a pregnant BSL speaker to communicate her needs.


How you can support ‘What matters to you?’

On WMTY day social media activity will be taking place and this is where you can help.

Download the statement card (Word format) from the WMTY website, you can either print it off or type your message in it and then please share this through your social media channels. You could choose to have your photo taken with your statement or share it as an image.

Alternatively, you could have someone film your ‘What matters to you?’ message and share the short film on your social media channels. It’s easy to do just using your smartphone.

When you are sharing your WMTY message please use the hashtag: #WMTY21 so everyone can see and don’t forget to tag in @WMTYScot on Twitter or @whatmatters2you? on Facebook.

Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to take part by sharing what matters to them and to share your social media posts.

More information can be found at https://www.whatmatterstoyou.scot/