NHS Fife is informing the public ahead of a simulated major incident response at the Victoria Hospital on the morning of Thursday 25 August.

The planning event, which will simulate a real live major incident at the Victoria Hospital’s Emergency Department, is intended to test the plans in place to manage such events to ensure they are appropriate and effective.

While the exercise will take place in the Emergency Department and within the immediate vicinity, it has been planned to ensure it will have no impact on services.

NHS Fife’s Head of Resilience, Susan Cameron, said of the event:

“Emergency planning is crucial to ensuring we can respond effectively to major incidents, and these types of exercise are vital in helping us test our plans to make sure we are as prepared as we can be for such events.

“The Emergency Department is most often at the centre of our response to major incidents and the simulated event will allow us to test a realistic possible scenario in real-time. We can subsequently then tailor our planning to make sure that robust protocols are in place to help us manage real emergencies as effectively as possible.

“We want to reassure anyone who happens to observe part of the exercise taking place that this is a simulation, and that our Emergency Department will remain open and unaffected throughout the duration of the event.”    

Notes to Editors:

To prevent disruption and ensure authenticity of the training event, we politely request that photographers do not visit the site whilst the exercise is taking place. Still photographs will be made available on request following the exercise.