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A significant milestone has been reached with the 200th patient in Fife treated using pioneering robotic-assisted surgery.

Funded by Scottish Government at a cost of around £2,200,000, Fife began using robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) in August 2021. The new technology is being used across a range of surgical specialties, including colorectal, gynaecology and urology.

Over recent years, RAS has undergone significant expansion across the UK. The DaVinci robotic system used in Fife is controlled by experienced laparoscopic surgeons who operate the device from within the theatre itself, sitting adjacent to the patient.

The new technology is already providing a range of benefits for patients in Fife. In addition to improving patient safety, the technology is more precise which allows more complex procedures to be carried out quicker with improved patient outcomes.

Furthermore, the technology enables some procedures which would have previously required open surgery to be carried laparoscopically. This helps patients recover more quickly with less scarring, reducing post-operative pain and the risk of surgical site infection, and shortening the patient’s length of hospital stay.