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The aim of the programme is to work with Health Professionals, Patients, Carers, and the wider community to increase our understanding of the impact of pain in day-to-day life and improve the way patient pain is managed in our hospitals, GP Practices and in the wider community.

We will all experience pain at sometime during our life. For many of us this will be a short-term condition, however for many others living with pain can become a long-term condition, affecting our mood, our quality of life and our ability to do the things we want to do.

If you live with long-term pain or care for someone that does, we are inviting you to share your experience of managing your pain and your pain medicines by completing a short, confidential online survey. We want to look at doing things differently, ensuring that long-term pain is managed effectively, and that our patients feel empowered and fully involved in how best to manage and reduce the impact of pain on their daily life.

The results of the survey will help to inform our current and future work in managing pain and prescribing pain medicines and help us to continue to improve our patient’s experience.

Patients - please complete this form

Carers - please complete this form

If you need a hard copy of the survey or help to complete the survey , please contact us at:

The closing date for the survey is 31 March 2023