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You can find out more about the Be the Early Bird campaign here or by visiting getcheckedearly.org. You can also read more on the Detect Cancer Early leaflet from Scottish Government.

But did you know that there’s also a range of information on NHS Fife’s own cancer web pages too?

At the end of 2022, NHS Fife launched its own online cancer hub to help patients and people affected by cancer to access the information they need to help navigate through their cancer journey.

The hub covers those who have received a cancer diagnosis, those awaiting procedures or results, people living with cancer and people affected by cancer.

It is also aimed at those who are experiencing worrying symptoms that may or may not be cancer.

The hub was developed with the involvement of many of Fife’s lead cancer specialists as well as Fife patients who have lived experience of cancer.

Why your voice matters

It’s extremely important to hear the feedback and experience.

NHS Fife is always keen to have patient feedback as this is how services are maintained, developed and improved. 

As part of that, there are links to the Care Opinion website on the hub, a national feedback service, so patients can give feedback about their experience.

This is an open and transparent way for patients to share their experience in a public form and have their feedback acted on.

There are different ways to contact Care Opinion and share your feedback – you can visit the Care Opinion website to leave feedback via a link at https://www.careopinion.org.uk/ or call the freephone Care Opinion number on 0800 122 3135