Man holding a light as part of a the winter vaccination campaign
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Following recent changes to national guidance around this year’s winter vaccination campaign, we are bringing forward the vaccination of those most vulnerable to the effects of flu and COVID-19. 

Public Health Scotland recently provided an update on the delivery the winter vaccination programme across Scotland following the identification of the new COVID-19 variant of interest, BA.2.86. 

As a result people aged 75 and over and those with weakened immune systems will be offered vaccination earlier than initially planned. Letters will shortly go out to people in these groups offering a vaccination appointment at a clinic near to their registered address. 

Similarly, residents in our care homes will also be offered vaccination earlier than initially scheduled, with our vaccinators visiting all homes in Fife during September. 

In recent weeks, letters were sent to those in a number of other eligible groups inviting them to book a vaccination appointment using the national online booking portal.  

In order to prioritise the vaccination of those at highest risk, we have had to temporarily pause the booking of appointments on the online portal whilst appointments are allocated to those in the highest risk categories. In the coming days, the portal will reopen for appointments in Fife and those who have received letters are urged still to arrange vaccination to help protect themselves and those around them against the effects of flu and COVID-19. 

Find out about the latest developments around the vaccination programme in Fife here:

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