Social Static Protection Fade Winter Vaccines (Festive) November 2023

Drop-in flu and COVID-19 vaccination clinics are taking place across Fife in the coming weeks. 

During the winter months we are much more likely to stay indoors, often in groups – this increases the chances of catching respiratory viruses like flu and COVID, as well as colds and other flu-like illnesses. With the colder weather now upon us, these viruses are already beginning to circulate.

Both flu and COVID-19 vaccines are being offered to people most vulnerable to the effects of these viruses. You can find out more information on eligibility for these vaccines on NHS Inform.

Those eligible for either flu or COVID-19 vaccine have a range of options with which to get vaccinated:-

The flu and COVID vaccines are usually administered at the same time to deliver maximum protection. The vaccines offered this winter help protect against the most common strains of flu and COVID-19 likely to be circulating in our communities.

As the protection is highest in the first 3 months post-vaccination, getting vaccinated now helps maximise your protection over the peak winter period.

Many thousands of Fife residents have already helped protect themselves against these viruses by getting vaccinated at one of the clinics available across the Kingdom.

Don' let you protection fade! Get vaccinated as soon as possible.