Fife Early Cancer Diagnostic Centre

At the Fife Early Cancer Diagnostic Centre, patients will have an individualised assessment with the aim of achieving a diagnosis and initiating a treatment plan, or gaining the reassurance that nothing concerning has been found.

We offer patients further investigation of symptoms they may have discussed with their GP, through additional tests. These could include: blood tests, imaging tests such as CT scans, endoscopy or other tests. 

We anticipate that the majority of patients on the ECDC pathway will have a non cancer diagnosis. Your GP will be informed of results and if onward referral has been organised.

Practical information

Clinic information 

On our Information for patients pages you will find information on the patient journey through the Early Cancer Diagnostic Centre. Below you will find location details for our three ECDC clinics. Your will be told by your clinician or patient navigator which site you are to visit. To contact one of the team, visit our Meet the Team page.

Your individual assessment

You will have an assessment carried out by our advanced CNS with the aim of achieving a diagnosis. and initiating a treatment plan.  You may be offered an electronic Holistic Needs Assessment (eHNA) which is essentially tool in the form of a questionnaire which can help your Patient navigator to initiate your treatment plan which takes into consideration your individual circumstances and needs.

Near me or virtual appointments

You will initially be offered either a Near Me or telephone appointment.  We will let you know and will send you the appropriate information for you to access a video call to speak with a health professional.

Near me is an online app which allows patients and clinical staff to communicate face to face over video. You can find out more about how how this works by following this link. There is an option for face to face where near me or telephone will not work for you.