Within the ADHD pathway there is input from the Community Paediatricians, 6 Community Children’s ADHD Nurses, a health care support worker and an ADHD Nurse Specialist. There is also input from Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. Most children and young people will have their assessment and treatment by the Community Paediatricians at Level 2. Your child may also have some input from Level 3, depending on their individual needs.

Dr Hilary Maddox Consultant Clinical Psychologist is the Pathway lead

Level 1: GP, School, Health Visitor

Level 2: Community Paediatrics / Consultant Paediatricians

Level 3: Multi-disciplinary care team: The team includes , Child Psychology, Child Psychiatry, ADHD nursing and Pharmacy

There are various ways we can support your family:

  • Parents Inc and YPINC: Workshops for parents and carers to help with their understanding and management of ADHD.
  • Teachers count: Workshop for education staff to help with their understanding and management of ADHD
  • Educational strategies at school: Involvement of educational services to help children achieve their full potential.
  • Medication: An individually tailored and closely monitored treatment plan.
  • Specialist ADHD Team: Extra support from the Level 3 multi-disciplinary care team. The team includes child psychology, child psychiatry, ADHD nursing, paediatrics and occupational therapy. There are also links to other services.


ADHD Nurse Specialist – Lyndsey Forsyth