Many hearing losses come on gradually over an extended period of time, meaning hearing problems are not always obvious. There are different degrees and types of hearing impairment. A hearing loss may not be obvious in all situations, but it can limit a person's social and work activities.

Many adults with a hearing loss may first notice that they struggle to hear;

  • In group situations
  • In environments where there is lots of background noise
  • On the telephone

Who is the service for?

The Adult Hearing Service is a service for those who:

  • Need a hearing test because they, or their family, have concerns about their hearing
  • Have a known hearing loss and need further help and support

Who can refer?

The service receives referrals from general practitioners (GPs) and other healthcare professionals including Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants, Nursing Staff, Speech and Language Therapists and Social Services.

What services are provided

  • Specialist hearing assessment
  • Fitting, evaluation of progress and regular review/maintenance of NHS digital hearing aids#
  • Tinnitus management
  • Hyperacusis management, including listening difficulties

The Adult Hearing Service follows national guidelines and recognised best practice while also meeting the individual needs of adults and their families.

We involve adults in the decisions around the management of their hearing loss and in the development and improvement of our services.