Referral route

The Fife HD Service operates an open referral system.  This means that a referral can be taken from any source, including a person who is symptomatic or at risk of Huntington's Disease, a carer, a young person, a professional or anyone who has a connection with the illness.  Those seeking specialist information, knowledge or training on HD can also contact the service.  Referrals can be made by telephone, e-mail or letter.  The team meet every Friday to discuss referrals and allocate as necessary. 

The Team consists of a consultant psychiatrist, HD specialist nurses, financial wellbeing officer, young person specialist (SHAYP) and psychologists.  They can be contacted on 01592 647993 or extension 27993/22002.

As part of the community mental health team, the fife wide HD service is based in Whyteman’s Brae Hospital.  The Clinical Lead is Dr Simon Rubidge.

About the service

The Fife HD Service aims to significantly improve the quality of lives of those living with HD and their families through timely specialist assessment, symptom management, information, advice on adaptations and equipment, emotional support, benefit maximisation and help to access other services.  Working cohesively with multi-disciplinary teams, the service provides education and case management support.  As part of the European HD Network, the service uses the Enrol-HD platform to recruit participants to attend annual assessment in a clinical setting and can lead to participation in future trials.  Bi-weekly clinics are held in Whytemans Brae Hospital Kirkcaldy.


Professionals looking for additional information outlining what care and support an HD person/family should expect to receive, please visit the National Framework at which will take you to the Fife pathway. and also hold information.