Everyone has occupations, or activities, that they do everyday day. Children and Young People’s occupations can be playing, schoolwork, looking after themselves, clubs and hobbies and other activities we have to do. Sometimes children and young people can find it harder than others to do the things they need, and want, to do such as:

Self-care - dressing / undressing, feeding, personal care (e.g., toileting, bathing, hair washing, tooth brushing)

Productivity - at home; play, helping in the house (e.g., making a snack, chores); at school / pre-school: play, participation in curricular activities (e.g., school work, PE, technology)

Leisure - engagement in outdoor play, sports, hobbies, crafts, socialising with friends and family

Occupational Therapy is unique to each person and every child’s journey with us is different. Sometimes we give advice to the child, parent or school; sometimes children and their parents come to see us, sometimes we can give you activities to try to see if it helps. Everyone is different so everyone’s time with Occupational Therapy is different.

We offer support in various environments dependent on the child's and family's needs (e.g. home, school, nursery, clinic and child development centres, leisure centres and parks) and we have put together some free downloadable resources that may be helpful for people involved with supporting children and young people.

Support can be accessed via our

We recommend contacting our parental advice line and professional’s enquiry line first to avoid unnecessary waits for support.

With appropriate consent, requests for assistance to the Occupational Therapy Service can be made by anyone who has concerns including parents / carers, school staff, health and social care professionals and third sector by completing the request for assistance form.


Your appointment location is flexible and will be based on individual need as we'll aim to see you in the most appropriate environment for you. This could be at home, at school, at one of our local clinics across Fife or it could be a virtual appointment, using our Near me technology. 


The service has a range of online resources aimed at providing advice and strategies for pre-school, primary school and high school children, along with links to other websites providing useful information.


We would value your feedback and will respond – Thank you.

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