"Excellent NHS Fife Pain Management Service"

I have just completed a 5 week course, with NHS Fife Pain Management Service - at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre, and wish to thank NHS Fife Pain programme, but in particular the phenomenal physiotherapist, her assistant and the pharmacist.

I have suffered for a number of years from chronic and persistent pain, that just never seemed to go away and which has a huge impact on my daily living. I was feeling permanently sore, exhausted, upset and not in control of my pain, or my life, so my amazing GP, referred me to the service.

From the minute I stepped through the door, I was made to feel valued, listened to and understood. I genuinely feel the programme offered me a holistic approach to managing my pain, which consisted of gentle exercises and stressing the importance of staying active, positive, encouraging and fun education sessions, and individual pharmacist review each week.

The staff were amazing, funny, caring, compassionate, encouraging, knowledgeable and genuinely worked hard and were keen to make a difference and have motivated and inspired me through education, exercise and laughter, during the 5 week course.

I feel now that I am better equipped, with a "toolkit" that will help me manage my chronic pain more effectively in the future. I have been inspired to make changes and learnt not to be afraid of exercise, have knowledge of relaxation and mindfulness techniques, I feel better educated and understand neuropathic pain and through pharmacist review, have learnt to adjust certain painkilling medication for "good and not so good days". I have had certain medication changed and was encouraged to slowly reduce medication, with the pharmacist even prescribing.

I feel more in control now, I have renewed hope, a much more positive outlook and I am looking forward to a much better quality of life.

Thank you, for making a difference

Posted by patient in September 2016 on Patient Opinion

Patient Evaluation Form Feedback

The professionalism and kindness shown by all members of the team makes a huge difference as you feel understood.

Being in constant pain makes you feel quite isolated and the Programme helps to make you feel more in control of your pain.

To learn how to cope mentally and how to manage your medication is so valuable, but I think what was more valuable was the feeling of self worth and learning that I could get stronger physically which I was afraid to do.

I have just attended my first keep fit active options class which I never thought I would do, and wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the programme.

Written by patient in September 2016 on patient evaluation form.

This clinic has been invaluable to me. I felt understood and no longer alone in my suffering

Learning to cope with my chronic pain and learning techniques to ease my pain has been so helpful.

Everyone one was so helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. I now have confidence I can live with my condition and know how to manage a flare up.
Meeting other people in the group has been useful and great to exchange ideas to help pain.

The programme was on my doorstep and easy to get to. I have enjoyed the course, it has made a big difference to the way I think and live my life now.

Written by patient in November 2017 on patient evaluation form.

I was unsure what it could do for me after 20 years of pain. I learned to manage and accept things with the help of a very positive team.

I can now move forward with more confidence. Thank You.

Written by patient in November 2017 on patient evaluation form.