woman walking on treadmill

Physiotherapists use various skills and techniques to help you manage and learn more about your condition and achieve your goals. These can include simple self management advice, pain management advice,  movement and exercise therapy as well as hands on treatment.

Single treatment appointment

Sometimes a single appointment is all that is required, for example if you need a walking aid provided or just need some advice about a long standing or resolving condition. We may ask you when booking your appointment if you would like this type of appointment.

Follow up treatment appointments

Most musculoskeletal conditions will involve attending Physiotherapy for a number of appointments as this will allow you to work with your Physiotherapist to find the best treatment options to facilitate your rehabilitation. Appointments may be offered as in person, telephone or video consultation depending on what suits you best.

For some musculoskeletal conditions a period of gym based exercise is the most beneficial treatment. We work alongside third party organisations such as Fife Leisure to help provide the best rehabilitations options for you.

If your condition is improving and you feel that you can self manage your condition without the need for prearranged appointments or you feel that you do not require Physiotherapy interventions at this time then patient initiated review may be offered. You can then make a review appointment if and when you need one for an agreed period of time.