older woman filling out form

The older peoples psychology service mainly sees people over 65 years of age. We do however sometimes see people under 65 for particular assessments (for example, memory problems which might be an early sign of a dementia) or if the reason for referral relates to issues specific to ageing.

Psychologists working in the older peoples psychology service can help you by offering:

  • Assessment and therapies for a range of problems, such as anxiety and depression.
  • Neuropsychological assessment (an examination of your memory and concentration abilities). 
  • Consultancy and advice for carers and/or care staff.
  • Training for staff and carers across a range of settings including hospitals and care homes
  • Preventative approaches and promotion of psychological well-being in later life.
  • Assessment and therapy to help people cope with and adjust to issues related to ageing (including physical health problems such as stroke, and complex bereavement and loss).
  • Research into psychological care for older people.

We also:

  • Provide consultancy and advice to a wide range of health and social care professionals to enhance understanding of the importance of psychological factors to health and care for older people
  • Provide teaching, training supervision and coaching for other health care professionals to help them deliver some psychological therapies
  • Offer teaching and placement experiences for the Edinburgh University Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Course and other post graduate courses in applied psychology.
  • Conduct research and service evaluation to improve psychology services for older people.

Where can I be seen?

We are a Fife wide service and offer clinics throughout Fife. We can also offer virtual “Near Me” consultations and telephone appointments.