If you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) or a respiratory (lung) disease, then pulmonary rehabilitation might be appropriate for you.

If you are breathless doing activities such as housework, shopping or when out and about, feel worried about getting out of breath if you do too much and want to know how to manage your condition better, pulmonary rehabilitation classes will help address these issues with the plan that improvement can be achieved.

Participation in pulmonary rehabilitation classes may help you get fitter and stronger, take more control over your breathing, and help you manage your condition better.

What should I expect?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a group based 6/7-week course for people with chronic lung conditions i.e., COPD, fibrosis and bronchiectasis run by specialist physiotherapy staff. There are classes across various sites in Fife. Classes consists of graded exercise and education sessions to help improve fitness, breathlessness, and you to manage your long-term lung condition so, overall, you feel more in control. 

The class-based delivery gives you a chance to meet others with similar conditions and be able to share stories and experiences.

Pulmonary rehabilitation leaflet

Pulmonary rehabilitation patient leaflet