The website will be updated whenever waiting times change. 

  • 9-12 months waiting list from receipt of GP referral to pre-assessment telephone appointment with a nurse. 
  • 9 month waiting list from nurse telephone pre-assessment  appointment to vasectomy procedure appointment. 
  • Semen Analysis Samples should take place a minimum of 16 weeks after the vasectomy procedure.   
  • Patients usually need to book an appointment with the North Laboratory at the Victoria Hospital at least 3 weeks before handing in their sample, however, there is currently a 4 week wait due to an increase in demand on the service so please bear this in mind when phoning the lab.  
  • Results from the sample will be sent by Sexual Health, to the patient, 3 weeks after handing the sample in to the lab. 

This webpage will be updated once the waiting times for semen samples have reduced.