Evidence shows that actively improving your physical and mental health can help you recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and reduce the chance of further problems during and after your treatment, as well as many other benefits.

Prehabilitation is about getting you to your optimal health before treatment and helping you cope with the challenges that your treatment will bring.  Getting into the right state of mind and being as healthy as you can be will aid and speed up your recovery. 

What is Prehabilitation? 

Prehabilitation is an element of rehabilitation where your journey to recovery starts before treatment has even begun through physical, nutritional and psychological support. 

It introduces some steps you can take to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery. The actions you take now can help your recover more quickly and reduce the time you spend in hospital.   

Benefits of Prehabilitation

  • Reduced length of stay in hospital.
  • Enhanced recovery following treatment.
  • Reduced post-op complications.
  • Provide a teachable moment to enable smoking and alcohol cessation.
  • Improved cardio respiratory fitness.
  • Improved nutritional status.
  • Improved aspects of neuro-cognitive function
  • Enhanced quality of life.

Prehabilitation can provide:

Personal empowerment: A sense of control and purpose, which prepares people for treatment and improves their quality of life.

Physical and psychological resilience: An opportunity to improve physiological function and psychological wellbeing, which offers resilience to the effects of treatment, enhances the quality of recovery and helps people to live life as fully as they can.

Long-term health: An opportunity to reflect on the role of healthy lifestyle practices after a cancer diagnosis, to promote positive health behaviour change.

The benefits of prehabilitation can be seen in as little as two weeks.