If you want to be an Educational/Clinical Supervisor you are required to be officially recognised for this role as part of the GMC’s approval process.

The stages in order to do this are:

  1. Complete a trainer registration form (below)
  2. Submit the form to the Quality Manager.
  3. A TURAS account will be created and you will receive provisional approval from NES
  4. If you have not already done so you will need to gather sufficient evidence for recognition approval (see the criteria below) and during your next appraisal have your appraiser view this evidence (no judgment of standard of evidence is required) to agree it exists.
  5. Continue to gather evidence annually of continuing professional development in your role as an educator (for more detail on this please follow the links to CEP or the Scotland Deanery below)

To be recognised you must provide evidence of training against the GMC criteria see below:

The criteria comprise seven areas:

  1. Ensuring safe and effective patient care through training
  2. Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  3. Teaching and facilitating learning
  4. Enhancing learning through assessment
  5. Supporting and monitoring educational progress
  6. Guiding personal and professional development
  7. Continuing professional development as an educator.

A good way to gather this evidence is to complete an accredited training course, the 2 recommended locally are SEFCE’s CEP (Clinical Educator Programme) or the Scotland Deanery’s own course links to both are below.

For all enquiries regarding RoT please contact the Quality Manager. In order to reach him, please email the general address - fife.medicaleducation@nhs.scot

Useful links


Accredited Trainer courses


Clinical Educator Programme 

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