How does the service work? 

This is a common question those new to the service may ask. Here’s how we explain it: Shout is a free, confidential and 24/7 text support service for anyone in the UK who is struggling to cope. 

Shout’s trained volunteers are available around the clock to listen and support anyone who is suicidal, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed. The service is anonymous and does not  show up on phone bills. 

We have partnered with Shout to offer support to young people who live in Fife. To start a conversation, text “FIFE” to 85258. 

If your life is at imminent risk, call the emergency services on 999. 

What happens when you text “FIFE” to 85258? 

To start a conversation, text the word “FIFE” to 85258. 

If you’re feeling anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, suicidal or not quite yourself, Shout’s volunteers are here for you 24/7. 

After sending the first message, you’ll receive four automated text messages before being connected to a trained volunteer. Shout will aim to connect you within five minutes, but at busy times it can take longer. 

By text message, the volunteer will introduce themselves and ask you to share a bit more about how you’re  feeling. You only need to share what you feel comfortable sharing - the  volunteer will listen without judgement. 

The goal of the conversation is to help you reach a place of calm, with a plan of how to support yourself going forwards. As well as listening, Shout Volunteers may provide further resources or tools to help you get more expert support. 

Your conversation will only end when the volunteer is sure you are calm and feeling better. Conversations tend to last up to one hour. 

Shout can help with issues such as: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Bullying 
  • Depression 
  • Loneliness or isolation 
  • Money worries 
  • Relationship problems 
  • Self-harm 
  • Stress 
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings 

What mobile networks can you text Shout from?  

It is free to text Shout from all major UK networks: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. These include BT Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, iD Mobile, Sky, Telecom Plus, Lebara and GiffGaff.  

Some Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy, may issue a warning that you will be charged for sending a message to Shout. Provided you are on one of the networks listed above, this warning is incorrect and you will not be charged. 

If you send a message from a network that is not listed here, there is a possibility that you may be charged and that this may appear on your bill. If your mobile network is not listed here, please check with your operator directly. 

It is not possible to text the service from networks without the capability to send and receive short codes. These include Lyca mobile. If your message will not send, or if you do not receive an automated message in response, this indicates that Shout has not received your message. You can find alternate ways to get support at 

If you are contacting Shout from a network listed above and the service does not appear to  be working, you can contact with your mobile phone number and network provider. We need this information to be able to investigate the problem. 

To find out more about the SHOUT text messaging service, visit their website