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If you have a hearing or speech impairment, please contact us by SMS text on 07805 800005.

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Following the British Sign language Act of 2015, NHS Fife has had an BSL operational action plan (2018-2024) in place and worked closely with partners including our BSL interpreting provider and our local Deaf Communication Service to do the following;

  • deliver more information in an accessible format
  • information translated into BSL
  • to engage in a group forum to allow us to have direct communication with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals
  • to continue to improve access to services by improving our communication routes such as making improvements to our text messaging system
  • We will continue to learn from and understand the needs of the BSL community by regularly meeting with BSL speakers and involving them in the work of the Participation and Engagement network and forum
  • We will report and continue to monitor our speakers of BSL patient experience, presenting these to services and corporate functions with the aim to raise awareness and make service improvements
  • We aim to improve the range of materials available to our BSL community, ensuring they have equal access to health

British Sign Language Act

Did you know Scotland has had an Act of parliament called the British Sign Language Act? This received Royal Assent on the 22nd October 2015.

In 2016 a national advisory group was established to help support the development of the first national action plan.

On the 24th October 2017 the first national action plan was launched. Each local authority area has to also have a local plan. There is a heath section in our local plan and this is the responsibility of NHS Fife. The Act tells us and we have detailed this in the local plan, to; promote the use of BSL as a language in its own right, ensure that we have learning about BSL and Deaf patients in place, we must provide information and improve ways to access information in BSL on a range of topics including screening and improve outcomes for mental health and wellbeing etc.

NHS Fife  BSL Plan Outcome 1- Fife Services 


NHS Fife BSN  Plan  Outcome 6: Mental Health and Wellbeing 


Connect Us Too’ is a series of BSL video clips that explores mental health issues using the lived experience of Deaf people. These clips were developed in partnership between See Me, Deafscotland, Deaf Links and the Tayside Deaf Hub.

Out Of My Head

Fife's British Sign Language Plan 2018-2024

BSL videos are on the NHS Inform YouTube channel  and embedded on NHS inform.

For Coronavirus advice in BSL 

BSL Scotland Act 2015 Health Report

The British Sign Language Act (BSL) came into force during 2015. The Act requires that we make local plans which promote and raise awareness of the language. This report details how NHS Fife is meeting our responsibilities to the BSL speaking community and what more NHS Fife and other boards need to do to continue to improve and advance equality for BSL speakers.

Read the BSL Scotland Act 2015 Health Report


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Mental Health Overarching Explanation

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