NHS Fife A&E

Contacting the Emergency Services

By text message

This text service is available for people who are DeafBSL-users, or with a hearing or verbal impairment. You will need to register to use this service. This will ensure your phone is set up for using this service in the future. To register to use this service:

  • type the word register into a text message then send it to 999. Do not type anything else
  • you should receive a text message back with the instructions on how to complete the registration process

Once registered please only send texts to 999 in an emergency. Once a text message is received the emergency services will respond to your message.

By using the NHS 24 telephone service

When to phone 111 | NHS 24

Other languages and communication differences

You can access 111 in different ways: 

  • the free British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting video relay service contactSCOTLAND-BSL 
  • contact NHS 24 by textphone on 18001 111, or use the Relay UK app
  • through the free interpretation service, if English is not your preferred language 

Access to 111 in other languages

When you phone 111, you can listen to the recorded messages in other languages. After phoning 111, press 9. You’ll have the option to press 1 to listen to the messages in other languages then: 

  • for Polish – press 1 
  • for Arabic – press 2 
  • for Mandarin – press 3
  • for Spanish – press 4
  • for Romanian – press 5
  • for Sorani – press 6
  • for Ukrainian – press 7
  • for other languages – press 8 

The NHS 24 colleague who answers will know that you’ve requested language support, and will arrange an interpreter. 

Once you’re connected to an interpreter, you’ll have a 3 way conversation with NHS 24. You can explain the problem in your language and get the help you need.

Right Care Right Place


Also see the government campaign: www.nhsinform.scot/campaigns/right-care-right-place 

The way we access A & E and the Minor Injuries service is changing.

For health information in different languages and formats  including BSL, Easy Read and translations see the Translations page on NHS Inform.