Redress Scheme for survivors of historical child abuse in residential care settings in Scotland

NHS Fife is contributing to and participating in the Redress Scheme and acknowledges the wrongfulness of past harm as a result of historical child abuse in residential care settings in Scotland.

Scotland’s Redress Scheme is for survivors of historical child abuse in care in Scotland.
It has been set up to recognise and acknowledge what happened, and the harm this abuse caused.

The scheme covers:

• physical abuse
• sexual abuse
• emotional abuse
• neglect

Who provides Scotland's Redress Scheme?

The Scottish Government and Redress Scotland provide this scheme.
Redress Scotland is independent from the Scottish Government.

If you make an application, it will be looked at by a panel from Redress Scotland. This panel has been selected with the help of survivors and is made up of people from different professional and personal backgrounds.

How to apply:

You can apply for Scotland’s Redress Scheme if you were abused as a child (when you were 17 years old or younger) before 1 December 2004 in Scotland in a relevant care setting. The following link below provides more detailed information on the application process. 


Help with application

Information about the scheme and contributors

Scotland's Redress Scheme - (

Redress Scotland

Support for survivors of abuse

NHS Scotland Health boards Redress Scheme Public Statement 

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