Before the start of each financial year, each of the committees draws up and approves an Annual Work Plan, detailing the proposed work for the year ahead. Each committee reports directly to the Fife NHS Board on its work. The Committee Chairperson presents minutes to the Board and provide a report on any issues which require the Board's attention.

There are six governance committees that report directly into NHS Fife Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee is to provide the Board with assurance that the activities of Fife NHS Board are within the law and regulations covering the NHS in Scotland and that an effective system of internal control is maintained. The duties of the Audit and Risk Committee shall be in accordance with the Scottish Government Audit and Assurance handbook.

The Board ensures that the Committee’s membership has an adequate range of skills and experience that will allow it to effectively discharge its responsibilities. With regards to the Committee's responsibilities for financial reporting, the Board will ensure that at least one member can engage completely with financial management and reporting in the organisation and associated structures.

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Clinical Governance Committee

The purpose of the Clinical Governance Committee is to observe and check the clinical governance activity being delivered within NHS Fife and provide assurance to the Board that the mechanisms, activity, and planning are acceptable. The Committee oversees the clinical governance and risk management activities in relation to the development and delivery of the Clinical Strategy.

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Finance, Performance and Resources Committee

The Finance, Performance and Resources Committee review the financial position and performance against key non-financial targets of the Boards, ensuring that suitable arrangements are in place to secure economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the use of all resources and that the arrangements work effectively.

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Public Health & Wellbeing Committee

The purpose of the Public Health & Wellbeing Committee is to provide assurance that NHS Fife is fully engaged in supporting wider population health and wellbeing for the local population, including overseeing the implementation of the population health and wellbeing actions defined in the Board’s strategic plans and ensuring effective contribution to population health and wellbeing related activities.

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Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to consider and agree on performance objectives and appraisals for staff in the Executive cohort. The Committee oversees performance arrangements for designated senior managers and directs the appointment process for the Chief Executive and Executive Board members.

Staff Governance Committee

The Staff Governance Committee supports the development of a culture of delivering the highest standard of staff management possible, which is understood to be the responsibility of everyone working within the system and is built upon partnership and collaboration, with direction provided by the Staff Governance Standard.

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