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The current Lochgelly and Kincardine Health Centres are older facilities which no longer meet the needs of the local populations.

Work is ongoing to develop new purpose-built Community Health and Wellbeing Centres in Lochgelly and Kincardine, replacing these older centres.

The new facilities will bring together a range of health and wellbeing services – from GP practices and social care to community and voluntary services – improving the experience of patients and service users.
By providing a broad range of services locally and delivering healthcare in a different way to meets the needs of local people, with additional emphasis on wellbeing and prevention, services can support local people to live more independent and healthier lives.

The Initial Agreement Document (IAD) was approved by Scottish Government in January 2020 and involved working closely with communities and staff in both areas.

The Outline Business Cases (OBCs), part of the process to support decisions on how public funding is allocated, have recently been submitted to Scottish Government.

As part of the Outline Business Cases, we have worked with local communities and services to look further at how the centres can support the health and wellbeing of the populations of Lochgelly and Kincardine.

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