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You will no doubt have heard about physiotherapists, for example, who promote rehabilitation after, say a fall, but did you know that there are 9 such (AHPs) Allied Health Professions employed by NHS Fife?

Bladder or bowel problems, prolapse or pelvic pain?

One of our allied health services, the Pelvic Health Physiotherapy team have been redesigning their service and are keen to share their online self-management resources. If you have bladder or bowel problems, prolapse or pelvic pain, you will find information to help you on the Pelvic Health Physiotherapy website 

Here are some recent comments from patients:
“I found it very easy to talk on the telephone about things I would normally find embarrassing.”
“The physio made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. I shared things that I know I would not have done if I had been face to face.”
“The therapist was kind and showed empathy without being overly familiar.”
“I found the consultations & treatment have helped me feel more in control of the problem so I'm very happy.”
“This is the most I’ve felt I’ve ever been helped!”

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Careers in the Allied Health Professions

Read more about the vital role played by AHPs on the Allied Health Professional, who knows, perhaps there may be a career in allied health for you? Find out more about becoming an Allied Health Professional at our AHP career pages