Breast Screening News Item
If you live in Rosyth, Dalgety Bay, or Inverkeithing you can attend the Dalgety Bay Unit. If you are registered with Dr Egerton and Partners, Path House Medical Practice, Dr Mitchell, Dr Fordyce and Dr Lempke, and Dr Morris and Partners, you can attend the Kirkcaldy Unit. Attendance at the units is by appointment only.
Women aged between 50 and 70 who are registered with a GP will receive a letter through the post. We are currently unable to offer appointments to women aged over 70.
The mammogram itself takes around ten minutes and can help pick up tiny cancers that can’t be seen or felt, often when they are less advanced. Breast screening saves around 130 lives in Scotland every year. With the appointment letter comes information on what will happen at the mammogram so those invited have all the facts and feel prepared. It’s up to each woman whether she chooses to attend or not.
For more information visit, where you can also see a video of what happens at a screening appointment with Elaine C Smith, or for further information call South East Scotland Breast Screening Centre on 0131 537 7400 or visit for further information.