Letters via the national appointment scheduling tool will start arriving on Monday 22nd February inviting those in priority group 6 - those "at risk" and "unpaid carers" age 16-64 to attend one of NHS Fife's Community Vaccination clinics for their COVID-19 vaccination.

Due to the speed of rollout and large size of this priority group, the identification of those deemed "at risk" or those defined as "un-paid carers" will continue over several weeks.

It is therefore likely that individuals that fit into these definitions will receive their appointment letters via the national scheduling system in a staggered way over time

The appointment letters for next week will be delivered by Royal Mail in blue envelopes including some appointments being scheduled for Tuesday 23rd February.

We recognise that for some receiving a letter on Monday for an appointment the following day may be too short notice to make arrangements to attend their allocated appointment.

On this basis if individuals are not able to attend, we ask that they call the number on their letter to reschedule.