On the recent COVID-19 cases linked to the University of St Andrews, NHS Fife Director of Public Health, Dona Milne, said:

"We are aware of a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections linked to the University and we are working closely with our colleagues at the University of St Andrews and Fife Council’s Environmental Health Service to limit the opportunity for further spread of the virus. 

"Over a number of months we have seen relatively low levels of COVID-19 within the University, and this is testament to the actions of the vast majority of the student population who appear to have adhered to the public health measures in place to protect us all. 

“It is clear, however, that in a small number of instances over recent weeks, the protocols in place have not been followed, particularly around gathering indoors, and it is very likely that the recent sudden increase in positive cases are a direct result of this. 

“It is easy to think that as more and more people are vaccinated, and the number of COVID-19 cases reduces, that the virus is no longer a threat – that could not be further from the truth. COVID-19 remains highly infectious and even those who are otherwise well can become seriously ill after contracting the virus.  

“It is vital, therefore, that even as the restrictions ease, we continue to follow the control measures in place if we are to supress the virus and prevent the numbers of people becoming unwell unnecessarily.” 


Anyone experiencing the well-established symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of how mild, should immediately self-isolate and arrange a test using the NHS inform website www.nhsinform.scot or by calling 0800 028 2816.   

A local online support hub has been created to provide information on testing for COVID-19 and updates on the pandemic. Visit: www.nhsfife.org/coronavirus