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With uptake of smear tests declining amongst those eligible, the Scottish Government’s Cervical Screening campaign is urging those invited to attend, even if they expect everything is fine.

In Scotland, cervical screening is offered to anyone with a cervix aged between 25 and 64. The five minute test saves lives as it can help stop cervical cancer before it starts.

The test is even more effective now as it screens for HPV which causes 99% of cervical cancers but has no symptoms.

The campaign also aims to help reassure those who put off going for the test, highlighting the things they can try to make the test easier. These include wearing a skirt, lying in a different position, asking for a GP or nurse of a particular gender, or talking through any concerns at the appointment, so the person doing the test can offer the right support.

Listen to Advanced Nurse Practitioner Sooz McCrae and her top tips to make your smear test easier. 

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