ICU InS:PIRE Team - Provost's Award

The team in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Victoria Hospital have been recognised for their InS:PIRE programme with an award for ‘Success and Good Practice’ at a recent civic reception hosted by Fife’s Provost, Councillor Jim Leishman.   

InS:PIRE is a multidisciplinary programme providing dedicated support for patients and their families following the trauma of being critically unwell. The InS:PIRE programme (Intensive Care Syndrome: Promoting Independence and Return to Employment) is offered to patients who have been cared for in intensive care who have recovered and are well enough to go home.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICU was at the forefront of caring for the vastly increased numbers of patients in Fife who were seriously unwell. Despite the enormous pressure on the ICU team they continued with the InS:PIRE programme, even moving the programme online during lockdown to ensure patients could continue to receive this vital and ongoing support when it was needed most.  

The team was nominated for the award by one of the Lord Lieutenant's Deputies, who had first-hand experience of the InS:PIRE programme. He said in his nomination:  

“You cannot put a price on the saving of human life and this team are doing that every day therefore I believe we in the community owe them so much, and for some patients, literally everything. Having witnessed first-hand what they do makes me humbled when in their presence.” 

Congratulations to the team in the Intensive Care Unit.