Lynebank 2

The vaccination clinic at Dunfermline East Church is to relocate to a new permanent home within Lynebank Hospital.

The clinic at Dunfermline East Church has been used over the summer months and replaced the previous site within the Kingsgate Shopping Centre.

The new vaccination centre will immunise against flu and COVID-19 as well as a range of other conditions like Shingles, Pneumococcal as well as children’s immunisations, and will provide a permanent base for vaccination in Dunfermline and the surrounding area.

As well as providing on-site parking, the new clinic has good public transport links nearby and is wheelchair accessible. 

Clinical Services Manager, Karen Nolan, said:

“With the new winter vaccination programme starting shortly, I’m pleased that we are now able to settle into new permanent home within Lynebank Hospital.

“The new Vaccination Centre at Lynebank will provide real benefits, both for patients and operationally. Perhaps the most important benefit is that being based within the hospital will enable us to provide a range of different vaccinations from a single site, rather only Flu and COVID-19 as we were able to previously.

“It remains as important as ever to keep up to date with our vaccinations and the new clinic at Lynebank will play a really important role in helping us to continue to protect local people against Flu and COVID-19, as well a range of other conditions.

“Lastly, we also want to thank Dunfermline East Church for their support, which has helped us to provide flexible and accessible clinics to people in Dunfermline and West Fife since the closure of the Kingsgate clinic earlier this year.”

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