Image of 3 staff from the Day Surgery Unit at Queen Margaret Hospital

A significant building project has been completed at the Day Surgery Unit at Queen Margaret Hospital which will increase surgical capacity and enable a greater number of procedures to be carried out.

Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline has become a centre of excellence for day surgery, serving patients from across the length and breadth of Fife and carrying out around 7,400 procedures each year.  

The hospital has been at the forefront of pioneering new cutting-edge surgical procedures in cancer, urology and gynaecology. Queen Margaret Hospital is also home to the ophthalmology ‘Jack and Jill’ theatre, which has increased capacity for cataract procedures since it opened in 2019.

The unique setup for day surgery at Queen Margaret meant that the hospital was able to continue its surgical programme throughout almost the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to minimise waiting times when most other parts of the country had to pause all non-urgent surgery due to pressures on services.

A significant project began in February 2021 to reconfigure underutilised areas within the Day Surgery Unit. These works have now been completed, creating additional clinical and recovery space and enabling a greater number of procedures to be carried out each week.

The project in theatres, which cost more than £2 million to complete, now enables patients undergoing procedures under local anaesthetic to be admitted straight into the theatre suite rather than the adjoining day surgery ward. This frees up beds within the ward for patients requiring general anaesthetic and will help increase theatre capacity as a result.

In addition to increasing capacity, the reconfiguration of the area is intended to improve the patient experience by providing care in a more modern, purpose-built environment.

Director of Acute Services, Claire Dobson, said:

“The project to enhance the Day Surgery Unit at Queen Margaret Hospital has been years in the planning and I am really pleased to see the works now having come to fruition.

“Queen Margaret Hospital has truly become a centre of excellence in day surgery over recent years, pioneering new and innovative surgical techniques well ahead of anywhere else in the country.

“People will be well aware of the impact that the pandemic had on waiting times for almost all types of surgery, and that’s not unique to Fife. We are continually looking to see where we can make our theatres more efficient and maximise the numbers of procedures we can carry out.

“This recent project to enhance day surgery is really good example of where, with the right investment, we can see greater numbers of surgical patients whilst at the same time improve the experience for patients and make it as seamless as possible.”

Notes to Editors:

The recent enhancements are the latest innovations to day surgery at Queen Margaret Hospital. Some previous examples are listed below:-


Main Image - (L to R) Claire Lee, Service Manager; Clare Cathcart, Senior Charge Nurse; and Cath Jack, Theatre Manager [DOWNLOAD].