We are experts in the following areas:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer – we run a rapid access haematuria clinic
  • Prostate cancer – we provide the most advanced treatment options available - advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery (keyhole surgery)

Single Point of Contact Hub

Single Point of Contact Hub (SPOCH) is a service dedicated to helping you when have been referred by your GP to exclude bowel or a urological cancer (bladder, kidney, penile, prostate or testicular) or have been diagnosed with one of these cancers.

SPOCH is a centralised service to support you and help keep you updated throughout your cancer journey until cancer is excluded or to support you throughout your cancer journey, should you be diagnosed. You can contact them here.

Diagnosis and management

We undertake the diagnosis and management of all Urological Cancers including Prostate Cancer; Renal Cancer; Bladder Cancer; Testicular Cancer and Penile Cancer for patients across Fife.

If you notice a change in your urological symptoms such as an increased need to urinate, straining when you urinate or a feeling that your bladder is not emptying properly or blood in your urine or any other concerning symptoms then in the first instance please contact your GP.  Where appropriate, your GP will then refer you to our Urology team for further assessment and management.

Clinical trails

You may also have the opportunity to take part in clinical trials.You can discuss this with a member of our team at your appointment.