The provision of General Medical Services for patients registered at Kennoway Medical Group will be managed by NHS Fife and the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership from 01 October 2023 following the retirement of a long-serving GP within the practice.  

The Fife Health and Social Care Partnership is in the process of writing to all people registered to the practice to inform them of this development.  

With the support of the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, work has already begun on developing robust contingency plans to ensure that all patients registered with the practice will continue to have uninterrupted access to the multi-professional services that the practice currently provides. 

It is planned that the remaining members of the well-established staff at Kennoway Medical Group, which includes an existing GP and other members of the multidisciplinary team currently working within the practice, will remain and provide continuity for patients.  

Dr Christopher McKenna, NHS Fife’s Medical Director, said: 

“The remaining GP Partner at Kennoway Medical Group is an independent contractor of the Health Board. The GP has confirmed that as they intend to retire in September 2023 they are now no longer able to continue the running of the practice.  

“We would like to reassure patients that we will be taking all the necessary steps to ensure there continues to be uninterrupted access to local medical services, both in the short and longer-term. Planning has already begun ahead of the transition in order to ensure we are minimising any potential disruption.  

“Kennoway Medical Group is staffed by a highly experienced and well-established practice team, and it is planned that this team will remain with the Practice, meaning reduced impact to patients during the transition.” 

“The existing practice will remain fully operational throughout the transition process and we are fully committed to ensuring clear lines of communication with the patients registered at the practice. 

“The efforts to recruit new GP contractors will begin shortly.”