What we do

The main support you can expect from both teams within the Community Cardiac Specialist Nurse Service includes:

  • Ensuring you and your family have a good understanding of your diagnosis, events leading up to admission, any interventions, and any future planned interventions.
  • Answering any queries regarding hospital admissions.
  • Reviewing cardiac medication, initiate new cardiac medication and adjust dose up or down as appropriate.
  • Provide education around your condition, medications and support self management.
  • Introducing/reinforcing risk factor management and exploring any misconceptions.
  • Assessing anxiety and depression levels and offering psychological support. We can also referral to psychology if required.
  • Measuring blood pressure, pulse, waist & BMI.
  • Reviewing signs and symptoms.
  • Reviewing future management including blood tests.
  • Referring for ECG or other tests if required.
  • Examining lifestyle, goal/agenda setting, supporting health behavior change, offering encouragement to commence as appropriate walking programme tailored to your individual needs.
  • Smoking cessation, healthy balanced diet and alcohol intake reviewed and if necessary appropriate advice/support given.
  • Referral to other services as required.