Don’t let your protection fade

It’s not too late to help protect yourself against the effects of flu and COVID-19 by getting vaccinated.

Frontline health and social care staff who have direct face-to-face patient contact are eligible for vaccination against both flu and COVID-19.

If you don’t have direct patient contact, you are still eligible for flu vaccination and may even be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine depending on your own personal circumstances. YTo find out more about eligibility, please visit:

The easiest way to get vaccinated is to drop into any public vaccination clinic in Fife – you don’t even need an appointment!

Staff requiring only flu vaccination can also visit any one of 46 participating pharmacies supporting our vaccination programme this year. To find your nearest participating pharmacy, click on green drop-down menu below. 

Though you may have been vaccinated against these viruses previously, the protection offered can fade over time. Similarly, both the flu and COVID virus change as new variants emerge. It’s vital that you don’t let your protection fade by getting vaccinated against the most common strains of these viruses as soon as possible.