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Immunisation practices are changing across Scotland; giving vaccines is now being viewed as a specialised role. In-depth training and knowledge are required and now most vaccines are given by specialist Immunisation Nurses. This is what is happening across NHS Fife.

The Immunisation Team has been gradually growing, developing and transferring vaccine programmes into the service, now all vaccines delivered under the routine Scottish Childhood Immunisation Programme are done so by the Immunisation Team. Over the next two years all adult vaccines will also transfer to this service and people will be offered a variety of opportunities to be vaccinated within the community setting.

When and how to immunise

Different vaccines are given at different ages to protect you and your child. Find out when these vaccinations are offered, and when and where they'll be given.

For more information, visit the NHS Inform website.

Public health

NHS Fife's Immunisation Services forms part of our Public Health service.