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The continued effects of the pandemic and staff absences mean that, occasionally, a Community Pharmacy may have to unexpectedly reduce its opening hours.

If your normal Community Pharmacy isn’t open there are alternatives.

Why is my Community Pharmacy not open as normal?

It is unusual for a Community Pharmacy not to open as planned, however, rising cases of Covid and staff absences mean that very occasionally a pharmacy may not open as expected.

If your usual Community Pharmacy isn’t open, another Community Pharmacy will be able to assist you.

NHS Fife works closely with Community Pharmacies to support them in such situations and to reduce any impact on patients.

My usual Community Pharmacy isn’t open just now – what should I do?

Community Pharmacies will never reduce their normal hours if they can avoid it. If your regular Community Pharmacy isn’t open you can hand in a prescription or seek medicines advice or services at another pharmacy. There are 86 Community Pharmacies across Fife.

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I’ve gone to pick up my prescription, but my Community Pharmacy isn’t open – can I get medication from elsewhere?

If your pharmacy isn’t open and you have enough medication to continue with, you may want to revisit the pharmacy again the following day. If you don’t have enough of a medication you take regularly and can’t wait, you may be able to get an urgent supply from another pharmacy.

To assist with this please take any medication packaging or repeat slip you have with you. If you request a repeat prescription by logging on to your GP Practice website, you will be able to find information on the medication, dose and previous prescription date there.

I have a minor ailment or condition – where should I go?

All pharmacies in Scotland will be able to treat most minor conditions with medication or self-help advice from the Pharmacy First service, so you can go to another pharmacy that is open. If your condition requires further medical attention, the pharmacy team may also be able to refer you on to the most appropriate individual.

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